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Production information
  • 8L PD controller for IEEE802.3af
  • IEEE802.3af 15W PoE Power Device Controller
  • VDD= 48V; 600mA MAX
  • Programmable UVLO function
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These easy-to-use 8-pin integrated circuits contain all of the features needed to develop an IEEE 802.3af compliant powered device (PD). The GI3206H family is a second generation PDC (PD Controller) featuring 100-V ratings and a true open-drain, power-good function. In addition to the basic functions of detection, classification and under voltage lockout (UVLO), these controllers include an adjustable inrush limiting feature. GI3206H has a programmable UVLO with a dedicated input pin.
The GI3206H family specifications incorporate a voltage offset of 1.5 V between its limits and the IEEE 802.3af specifications to accommodate the required input diode bridges used to make the PD polarity insensitive.
  • Meets IEEE 802. 3 af Specifications
  • 100V, 0.6Ω Integrate DMOS Device
  • 600mA max, Temperature Compensated Current Limit
  • Open Drain Power Good Output
  • 8 pin SOIC and TSSOP Packages
  • VoIP Telephones
  • Network Cards
  • Security Camera Systems
  • Safety Backup Power
  • Remote Internet Power